How Did the First Day of School Go?

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Yesterday was that day (again).  The first day of school for my (now) third and fifth graders.  Both of them do well in school (definitely above average!), one is more naturally social, the other a better communicator.  But after some tough occurrences last year, my wife and I had some concerns as to whether they’d be looking forward to getting back to their friends and their classes this fall.  We had some long discussions with them leading up to the big day, and between some good back-and-forth and the obligatory clothes and school-supply shopping expeditions, both boys were in the right head-space going back this morning.

Even better were the reports after school.  Their teachers are cool and they’ve got a good mix of friends in their classes.  So things have started on the right path this year.  So, in hindsight, I think we handled things well this time around.  But what about you all?  What kind of challenges have you faced getting your kids motivated to go back to school, and how have you dealt with them?  Let us know in the comments, thanks!

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