So, About That Wonder Woman Lunchbox…

A couple of days ago, a user on Reddit posted photos of a Wonder Woman lunchbox with a letter allegedly sent from a school to the parents of the child who brought said lunchbox to school. The story was immediately picked up and recirculated across the internet. Every site that posted it simply pointed back to the same story on another site, all of which come back down to a single post on Reddit that links to images on Imgur, posted by the same person.

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At Conventions, Skywalkers, Bagginses, Batmans and Lannisters Provide Back-to-School Lessons in Tolerance

Whether they were born on Tatooine or Krypton, play Grand Theft Auto V or Cloudberry Kingdom, or watch Walking Dead or True Blood, factions from these diverse but often opposing universes, posing with their fake laser blasters and purple-tinted wigs at conventions, manage to get along, at least for one weekend. Why can’t the rest of us?

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About 10 days prior to our trip to buy a new house in Colorado last week, I found out about an update for the mobile app service that I’ve relied on to send me customized search results for the areas in which we’re looking to live. This update would make to be the first mobile real estate search capability to fully integrate school information in their app.

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Women in Technology: Get With the Picture

As a woman in technology, I hear a lot about the lack of women in the field. While I was in college I noticed that I was usually the only female in the class. My teachers treated me the same and the guys never cared. After I graduated and I started attending events like Microsoft’s annual Tech Ed, I realized just how much of a minority we are. The thing that keeps catching my attention, though, is how much of an issue people want to make out of it.

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The Ubiquitous School Volcano Project

Our oldest son, who’s in 3rd grade, brought home the classic “build a volcano and make it explode” class project. We started with several items that were essentially recycled: an empty soda bottle, a leftover piece of plywood for the base, a cardboard box and our old phone book. In class, the volcano was subjected to the classic baking soda and vinegar experiment to simulate an explosion. Our son told us that his volcano had the most powerful explosion in the class.

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Bully, the Movie

Not long after my children returned to public school after two-and-a-half years of homeschooling, it started. At this point, my older son was in 8th grade and so gym meant changing in a locker room with the other kids in his class. A couple of his peers developed a habit of coming up behind my […]

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The GeekMoms Podcast #10 Science Fairs

The season of the school science fair is fast approaching.  How do you pick a project? How much should you help your kids? And when do you put on the brakes and keep them from accidentally blowing up the neighborhood?  Nicole Wakelin is joined by fellow GeekMoms and science aficionados Patricia Vollmer and Helene McLaughlin to help […]

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