Halloween Planning Starts Now

Hacking the Holidays

Halloween is a very popular holiday in our house.  We live in a good suburban neighborhood, we get a good volume of younger kids, and not too many older kids without costumes carrying their pillow cases and expecting a big haul.  So we do it up right, decorating the front of our house in a fun (not too scary way).

Since the local Spirit Store has already opened, we’re beginning planning now.  We’re looking at a science-fiction theme this year, so the geeky gears are already turning.  One idea involves building a robot (styrobot?) and planting a LCD display on the head, then recording a loop of interesting/funny commentary with appropriate special effects.  I’m also thinking about building a tunnel with PVC and black plastic, stringing a bunch of lights down it, adding strobes and a fog machine for a "warp-speed" effect.

But what else?  Any other good, and relatively easy-to-build ideas out there for a fun, science-fiction display?  Can’t be too scary (we get a lot of younger kids), but it can involve interesting uses of technology (we have the use of three laptops, one desktop, an LCD projector, and various other A/C components).  Leave your ideas in the comments, thanks!

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