GeekDad Father’s Day Gift Suggestions

Hacking the Holidays

We at the GeekDad blog pride ourself in being great geeks and great dads. Put those two together and you get awesome Father’s Day present ideas. Whether you’re doing the askin’ or doing the buyin’, be sure to check back here regularly between now and the Big Day for more ideas.

Hacking_2e_covHacking_2e_covHacking: The Art of Exploitation
Buy Dad the book that Google is trying to censor! Hacking helps security professionals by describing hacking techniques, the goal being to help security professionals protect their systems. But it describes the hacks a little too well — Google refuses to let No Starch advertise the book on AdSense.

MindstormsMindstormsLEGO Mindstorms NXT
The ultimate LEGO set… LEGO for big boys. Prototype inventions, create architectural models, program your creations on the computer. LEGO Mindstorms NXT is the ultimate gift.

BitsetBitset100-Piece Screwdriver Set
Open anything with this awesome screwdriver set — a must for any hardware hacker. Torx? HAH! This set has torx and torx with a hole in the middle. It’s got weird bits for screws that you may never encounter — but if you do, you’ll be ready.

Magic the Gathering: Shadowmoor
Check out the latest Magic: The Gathering set. Delightfully dark and sinister, like a faerie forest taken over by wicked spirits.

SeedmagSeedmagSeed Magazine
An incredibly beautiful science magazine. Maybe not as brainy as SciAm, maybe a little more sophisticated than PopSci, but smart, accessible and wonderfully put together.

LegoferrariLegoferrariLEGO Ferrari FXX
With only 30 FXX racecars in production, this is one of the most exclusive Ferraris ever produced.  This 1:17, 626-piece scale model is packed with features including doors, engine cover, highly detailed interior, 800 HP engine and front cover that opens.

The best of the cyberpunk roleplaying games, Shadowrun’s been around for over twenty years and the sweet Fourth Edition has assembled the best of the game’s vast portfolio.

OpenlocksOpenlocksHow To Open Locks With Improvised Tools
Lost the key to castle? This book will teach you what you need to open any lock, without using force.

MultimeterMultimeterFluke FLU115 Multimeter
Every DIYer needs a multimeter, and Fluke makes a good ‘un. There are more expensive and "professional" multimeters out there, but not many — this puppy is one of the best.

BestofmakeBestofmakeThe Best of MAKE
Unleash Dad’s inner DIYer with this amazing compilation of articles from MAKE, one of the coolest and most inspiring magazines out there.

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