GeekDad Father’s Day Gift Suggestions, Part 2

Hacking the Holidays

Buying a geeky gift for Dad isn’t easy. A gallon of Old Spice simply isn’t going to cut it. Dad needs something cool and nerdy. And who better to turn to for advice than a bunch of GeekDads?

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Silver_dsSilver_ds Import Nintendo DS Lite If your old man is one of those unfortunate souls that still doesn’t have a Nintendo DS Lite to call his own, why not hook him up with an exotic handheld he can hold high? This Japanese “Gloss Silver” system is not available in North America, but it does come with a 110V power supply that easily jives with American outlets. Since the DS is region free, Pop can play domestic titles as well as imports.

DndDnd4th Edition D&D Rulebook Gift Set
The biggest roleplaying game release in, what, five years? Ten years? It’s huge. Let Dad be a part of the excitement with the D&D 4th Edition Rulebook Set.

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Kubrick Aliens Power Loader Mini Figure Box Set Let Dad recreate that pivotal Alien Queen vs. exosuit-clad Ellen Ripley battle from the comfort of his own cubicle with this box set of Kubrick Aliens figures. In addition to the aforementioned feisty ladies, the set also comes with a trio of warrior drones and a handful of eggs. An eviscerated Bishop is, sadly, not included.

MakezineMakezineMAKE: Technology on Your Time
Give a gift of DIY with a subscription to MAKE Magazine. Whether Dad likes tinkering, making, or simply disassembling random bits of junk, this magazine is for him. A great read no matter what your interests.

Thing-a-Week Box Set
Jonathan Coulton is a GeekDad’s GeekDad, so why not treat your father to the aural glory of a full year’s worth of JoCo’s Things-a-Week? From the slightly sinister “See You All in Hell” to the last triumphant refrains of “We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions,” it’s all here in one tidy box.

CherrypickerCherrypickerLEGO Cherry Picker
This 726-piece beauty definitely requires Dad-fu to build. Power Function System helps raise, lower and rotate the boom and control the steering. Plus, it can be rebuilt into a dump truck!


Penny Arcade Expo 2007 – 5 DVD Set Whether your old man was there to experience the event firsthand or was unable to make the trek, this PAX 2007 DVD collection is an excellent gift idea for the avid Penny Arcade reader. It features a keynote speech by Wil Wheaton, concert footage of MC Frontalot and Jonathan Coulton, all three panel discussions by Penny Arcade’s own Gabe and Tycho, and much more.

AstronomicalAstronomicalIllustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders
A great gift if Dad has even a hankering for astronomy. The Illustrated Guide to Astronomical Wonders serves as the perfect stargazers’ companion with equipment lists, how tos, and descriptions of every constellation.

Sonic Screwdriver The Doctor’s sonic screwdriver can handily manipulate locks, remotely control the TARDIS, and bedevil Autons. This one does none of those, but it does make authentic sounds. It also contains a special UV ink pen and reveal light, which is useful should Pop find himself sending secret messages to other wannabe Time Lords.

8-Bit Tie
The 8-bit Tie is a variation on the classic Father’s Day theme. Moreover, it’s sure to brighten up Dad’s casual Friday wardrobe with all its geeky glory. Is your old man more of a subdued blue type of guy, or would he prefer the bold red design? Either way, it’s a winner!

MatterMatter Matter
If Dad is a science fiction buff but hasn’t been exposed to Iain M.
Banks, Matter is the book for him. Open up a whole new world with this
Hugo-caliber epic.

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