New Lego Kits, Web Improvements This Weekend

Reading Time: 2 minutes

7676176761This weekend brings some new releases from Lego — and some big changes for the customer service section of their Web site.

There are four new kits available, all under the Clone Wars umbrella: the MagnaGuard Starfighter, V-19 Torrent, AT-TE Walker and the Republic Attack Gunship, plus a handful of new minifigs. The kits range in size between (roughly) 400 and 1000 bricks. And with George Lucas fully dedicated to the Clone Wars series, these are sure to be just the beginning in a long line of Clone Wars sets.Pic88956f4669a04a94873d89ce14bcd151Pic88956f4669a04a94873d89ce14bcd151

Also launching this weekend is an improved customer service Web site. And the improvements are impressive. Who’s spent all Saturday working on the Star Destroyer, only to learn you were four critical bricks short? Now – rather than wait until phones open on Monday, you can order replacements for missing pieces online. What’s more, building guides for kits are available for immediate download.  Whether you’ve lost instructions for an old kit — or want to see what it takes to build the new Death Star — you can grab the manual any time you want. Add an improved FAQ and enhanced shopping support and help, and this is a big upgrade!

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