Help your kids make their own card games

Geek Culture

Card games are great fun for kids, but sometimes the standard packs just don’t have enough, well, whatever it is that your kids happen to want that day: orgres, soldiers, knights, princesses, etc.

Here’s an easy way to help them make their own cards. I’ve made a Microsoft Word template that looks like this:


You can download the template here. Get the kids to go on to Google Images (remember to turn on safe search first!) and download images for the theme that they want, and replace the images in the template with those. Then they can change the numbers to whatever powers each card should have. Maybe the top number should be offense and the bottom defense–it’s up to them to figure out their own game rules. They can print the sheet out on photo paper (which is thick enough to serve as card stock) and cut the cards out.

My boys decided that they wanted to update the card game War, so they created a deck they call Modern War:


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