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Bre on the plasmaBre on the plasma

Okay, let’s talk History Hackers, a new nerdy-techie television show hosted by ex-MAKE and current Etsy videographer Bre Pettis that debuted last Friday. In a preview post I called it a "a little NOVA meets Connections with a splash of Mythbusters" and I’d say that holds up.

If you watched it, read on. If you missed it, Bre seeded a there’s a torrent of the show, so just snag it, watch it, then revisit this post.

Okay, all those non-viewers cleared out. What did you think? Even taking into consideration the usual first-episode jitters, I enjoyed the show a ton. Yes, history shows have been done before and done extremely well. What sets HH apart is the DIY focus. Bre’s strength is his ability to distill complicated theories into quick and simple how-to tutorials. It’s one thing to learn about history, but to put it in context of hardware hacking is just plain fun, not to mention utterly bleeding edge.

I’m really excited to see what sorts of other DIY goodness they come up with when the show gets picked up. What did you think? Post your thoughts in the comments section.

Finally, a reminder that if you liked what you saw, be sure comment on the History Channel’s History Hacker forums so the channel knows they’ve got something cool.

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