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GreenEggs-MainDr. Seuss fans rejoice! Green Eggs and Ham – Read & Learn, a digital book app, comes to iOS today. The Green Eggs and Ham app is an interactive digital book for children three to six geared toward learning reading, spelling, phonics, and more.

GreenEggs-WordsSo far we’ve only gone through the first four pages, but we are really enjoying the app. Not only do you get the complete story, but the app is full of interactivity and learning opportunities. If you have reading enabled, the story is read aloud and the words are highlighted on-screen as they are read to help children associate the words on the screen with the words they hear. Every item and character can also be interacted with. When tapped, the word or name appears and is read aloud. Some items can even be swiped (swiping Sam-I-am on the first screen causes dog to run away and Sam-I-am to flip through the air.)

GreenEggs-TopMenuAn easy pull down top menu allows navigation between pages. You can always see which ones have had activities unlocked already and which have not yet been completed. It’s also very easy to jump back to your child’s favorite pages.

GreenEggs-ActivitiesIn addition to the reading, highlighting, and on-screen vocabulary learning, each page has an unlockable learning activity that is related to the page that was just read. So far we’ve seen spelling, rhyming, naming of things, and reading comprehension. My son is approaching three years old, and all of these activities are really pushing him as he has just started learning to relate written words to things. (He’s got his name down pretty well so far.)

GreenEggs-SettingsThe settings menu allows for switching the reading aloud on or off as well as giving some fine control over how the app itself works with being able to turn off the learning activities, music and sound, news and alerts, and the picture words. The Learning Activities and Hints can also be reset–great if your child wants to start over or if you want to try out the app first before having your child try it.

GreenEggs-ParentsThere is also a Parents menu item that shows you your child’s reading stats. This will come in very handy if your child is using the app on their own, especially if you want to require them to do a certain amount of reading within the app. My son doesn’t get unsupervised screen time, so this isn’t too important for me right now, but I can definitely see it coming in handy in the future. You may also notice that one of the stats is “Books Read.” Green Eggs and Ham is the second digital book app in the series–Cat in the Hat was the first, and the third, Dr. Seuss’s ABC, will be coming next month with even more hitting the App Store before Christmas.

If you’re a Dr. Seuss fan and have a budding young reader at home, I highly recommend going to get the Green Eggs and Ham app now!

Note: This post has been sponsored by Oceanhouse Media, but all opinions are my own.

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