‘Minecraft’ Block Lamp: Gadget Review

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Have children who love Minecraft? Need a new illumination solution for their bedroom? Minecraft becomes “Shinecraft” with the awesome new Minecraft Block Desk Light.

What Is the Minecraft Block Desk Lamp?

Minecraft: perfect building blocks for just about anything. Add LEDs into the blocks and you have a neat and very appealing idea. The Minecraft block desk lamp is fully customizable, with 16 Minecraft blocks. Whilst they have to complete the circuit through the base of the lamp, each block is independently illuminated and can be connected to any of the others in any order. The lamp has a push switch on the side. 

Your children can get creative and build their lamps in exactly the orientation they wish. And once they’re bored of that they can switch things around to form an entirely new configuration. 

Blocks included are:

  • Redstone
  • Furnace
  • Diamon Ore
  • TNT 
  • And a whole lot more!
Lamp with a few block units removed.

Often I find with these types of products that reality doesn’t equal expectation. Not so here. The Minecraft block desk lamp is well made, fits together easily, and is robust enough to stand being continually remodeled. We’re actually using this as a night light. The light given off is soft—perfect for nighttime. It would make an impressive desk lamp, but I don’t think it would be bright enough to light up a workspace on its own. 

Light Up a Lost Universe 

This product was sent to me (in exchange for this review) by Lost Universe, a UK-based website filled with geeky stuff, turned right up to 11. They have some awesome wall-lights, especially for Marvel fans. The Captain America shield is a must-have, I reckon. If you have a geek in your life, you’re certain to find something for them in the Lost Universe. 

Not only that, there are awesome t-shirts, awful Christmas jumpers (is there any other kind?), sleigh-loads of Nightmare Before Christmas stuff, Pokemon mugs, t-shirts, and… err… a grilled cheese maker, and lots more besides. If you want more Minecraft things, how about a torch water bottle? For the Star Wars fan in your life, perhaps they need some extra Grogu for Christmas, or maybe like me, you have a friend who looks like Richard Dreyfus? They’ll be thrilled that I’ve found a motherlode of Jaws paraphernalia!

Whether it’s for a Minecraft block desk lamp, or all manner of geek mana, check out Lost Universe today. 

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