Try Some Augmented Reality Learning Toys For Your Kids With SwapBots

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It seems like every day we’re seeing more and more evidence that Augmented Reality¬†(AR) learning solutions are the next step in education at all levels, allowing for an amazing and useful interaction of programmable tools, information, and the¬†real world. Our sponsor today, SwapBots, is leading this charge into AR learning and play with their new Kickstarter project that allows kids and parents to build amazing creatures with physical objects, and then bring them to virtual life via the camera and screen on their tablet or phone.

SwapBots is a collectible, customizable children’s toy that fuses physical and digital play though the use of augmented reality. SwapBots are a low cost and engaging solution to the modern day problem of children spending large amounts of time using digital devices in a way that has no positive effect on their development.

Launching with 9 characters, each comprising of swappable head, body and base pieces, the SwapBots starter series can create over 700 character combinations; enough to keep you busy until the next series!

For an early bird pledge of just about $20, you’ll get three of the 3-block characters, whose interchangeable and adjustable sections allow you(r kids) to create hundreds of different variations that will come to life with the free app. From there, you(r kids) can dress them up, play games, and get involved in stories. SwapBots is a truly affordable way to get your kids immersed in AR, and having fun learning and playing. Check out the Kickstarter Campaign here, and get in on the fun!

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