GeekDad Puzzle of the Week: Extra-Solar G.P.S.

Geek Culture


This week’s puzzle is about mapping distant planets and the rewards of genius. To be fair to all, please email your answers.
First accurate answer submitted by Thursday is the winner. Remember, there are no prizes greater that the admiration of your peers. Puzzle after the jump.

The investors who backed your recent wormhole generator are extremely happy with you. So happy in fact, that they need your help. It seems that their firm has tested your generator and has lost contact with the team of jumpers sent through the wormhole. The team touched down on a distant planet in a region of fifteen cities all arranged on a grid. The last communication with the team was deciphered as "Helium." They have deduced this to mean the city where they are trapped or awaiting rescue. Analysis of an initial overhead satellite view has revealed each city to be connected by a road exactly 1 grid unit apart from any other city as shown.


In the events leading up to their disappearance, the team sent back images of road signs taken from each city visited indicating the shortest distance to the next cities on the grid. (Strangely, the road signs look identical to highway signs here on Earth. Amazing!)



Your investors need your genius will pay you handsomely to label the location of each known city on their grid view and thereby locate the lost team of jumpers. Where is Helium?

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