Rickroll DS

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The internet exists for two reasons. The first is totally inappropriate for discussing here at GeekDad. The other is Rickrolling.

Sadly, while the net’s sinister, unmentionable purpose is ripe with ingenuity and experimentation, the once noble Rickroll has become as stale as… well, Rick Astley himself. Thanks to the recently released KORG DS-10, however, you can now annoy your friends with the unforgettable strains of “Never Gonna Give You Up” in a new and exciting manner.

For those of us still interested in this robust synth/sequencer/drum machine combo (even after that vulgar display), the cart is currently available for purchase in Japan and domestically through import specialty retailers. There are plans to release the application worldwide, though no solid date for a North American arrival has been established.

Via GoNintendo

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