Muppets in The Battle For Ham’s Deep

Geek Culture

Whenever I’m in Toronto, I try to duck down to Queen Street West for a visit to The Silver Snail, one of the coolest comic book and collectible stores around. They frequently dress up the front windows with displays and last year achieved what I felt was the pinnacle of the craft; an impressively detailed recreation of the battle for Helm’s Deep from the Lord of The Rings -using Muppet Show action figures.

Hundreds of penguins in place of attacking orcs, Sweetums as Gandalf, Beaker in full battle armor… It was an elaborate display of slightly twisted imagination, creativity and skilled model building. I was upset I didn’t have my camera with me to take photos for the kids and by the time I made it back again, the Muppets had been dismantled. Fortunately, the Snail posted photos on their web site so you can have a look. Here’s a sample from their posting; the full set can be found on the Silver Snail’s web site.

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