Role-Playing Game Product Releases and Updates – October 2016

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Below you’ll find a small collection of product updates related to role-playing games. Because I lean towards the fantasy games I tend to find or get notified more about fantasy related products more often. This doesn’t mean I’m not open to sharing details about other RPG genres, however, so please feel free to email me or post a comment below if you know of an interesting product that our RPG readers might find useful. I’ll do my best to collect and present them at the end of each month.

Fat Dragon Games

Fat Dragon Games is re-releasing their 3D printable terrain called Dragonlock under a new name — Dragonlock Ultimate. This change involves a major revision in how the 3D-printed pieces connect. The original version of Dragonlock used 3D-printed clips that used pressure to hold two or more tiles together. One of the problems with the pins, however, was that they could sometimes loosen up OR the variation in printers and print qualities would often require subtle differences in the size of the clips. Fat Dragon addressed this issue by releasing three different sizes of clip, but now… they’ve got a better solution.

With Dragonlock Ultimate, they are releasing all their previous Dragonlock STL files with a modification. Older files will still be available under the Dragonlock Classic name AND any new tiles released in the future will come in both varieties so those of us who have a lot of original tiles can still use them with any new tiles that are released.


I test printed two 2×2 floor tiles this last weekend along with the new pin (called Dragonbite™) that is used to connect the Ultimate pieces. You can see in the photos above how the pin is used — it ‘snaps’ into place and grips a round section of plastic, providing a snug grip. It works great — I definitely like the Dragonbite™ solution better than the original clip.

You can read more about the new Dragonlock Ultimate and Dragonbite clip here.

UPDATE: You can also download some free Dragonlock Ultimate files here.

Lord Zsezse Works

Lord Zsezse Works has released its annual Halloween Coupon Book — if you’ve not seen one before, it’s an interactive PDF with various puzzles that you must solve. Last year’s was a fun little diversion involving finding the right objects to survive and find your way out of a dungeon room. This year’s puzzle has a Halloween theme and you’re tasked with lighting up pumpkins to light a path for this poor soul who is trying to get home.


Solve the puzzles and you’ll get discounts and freebie-coupons for a lot of Lord Zsezse’s stuff — papercraft, battlemaps, and 3D printable items. The seek-and-find aspect of the puzzles will give you a few minutes of fun and allow you to view many of Lord Zsezse’s products that you might not know about. The free coupon book disappears on November 2nd, so don’t wait to long to download.

To download the Halloween Coupon book, click here.

Isometric Gaming Paper Rolls

There’s a new Kickstarter offering up isometric graph paper! If you’ve ever seen the original AD&D Ravenloft maps or maybe some of the more recent 5e adventures in The Folio series, then you’ll recognize the method of showing rooms and dungeons at an angle. While these adventures provide isometric maps, they’re more for the DM to use and not large enough for actual usage on a tabletop. The new isometric gaming paper rolls provide true 1″ isometric grid patterns as you can see below — the folks over at sent me some rolls to test out. I’m still experimenting with the stuff, but it really is cool to use. I took a few sections of the map from an old AD&D module, Pharoah, and drew them on the paper.


The rolls come in 12′ (12ft) lengths and are 30″ (30in) wide with the traditional baby-blue line coloring. The Kickstarter page has a number of videos you’ll want to check out, including a tutorial on drawing stairs and walls. It does take a little practice (at least for me), and I recommend starting with rectangular rooms and standard hallways, but people are starting to use this stuff for all kinds of crazy layouts as you’ll see on the KS page. Another option is to use gamingpaper’s 8.5 x 11 single sheets of isometric grid to design your layout before transferring to the larger rolled sheet.

The Kickstarter has already met its funding requirements, and the deadline to back is November 24, 2016. Please note that the KS page indicates you can get rolls in different background colors (green, white, blue, tan, gray) — I received some test rolls with the white background.

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2 thoughts on “Role-Playing Game Product Releases and Updates – October 2016

  1. Wow, Fat Dragon has made a direct copy of PrintableScenerys openLOCK system…

    Isn’t that illegal ? For a company that harps on about the intellectual property so much, it’s amazing to see this from them …

    1. I just looked up OpenLock… it uses a clip but there are distinct differences. OpenLock appears to use friction to hold pieces together where the Fat Dragon solution actually uses two bits that bend and “clamp” around a rounded piece printed inside the tile.

      To be fair, OpenLock’s clip reminds me of a certain Technic connector — first column, second from top:

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