“Star Wars” Makes Everything Better, Even Weddings

Geek Culture

When my wife and I used the "End Title" theme from Star Wars (if the IMDb can call it that still, so can I) as the recessional in our wedding, I thought that was pretty geeky.  We had nothing on these folks, though, who had an awesome R2-D2 wedding cake.  Based on the fact that the groom seems to be wearing a Rebel flight suit, though, that was far from the only geeky thing they did.


So that leads me to a question for our readers: What geeky thing(s) did you do at your wedding?  How did they go over with your guests?  In my case, everyone told us how much they loved the music choice, including one who was a minister, who said he would recommend it to couples he married.  Alas, my wife vetoed my idea to use the Imperial March for the processional, so I’ll never know what the reaction to that would’ve been.

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