Nice Trick, Where’s The Treat?

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Like many parents of trick-or-treating aged kids, my wife and I have been anxiously watching the weather forecast for Halloween.  The temperature can have significant impact on final costume design (will little Darth require a toque?) and, of course, everyone holds their fingers that there’s no rain.  Here in London (Ontario, Canada), the forecast for Friday has been looking good: a high of 14 degrees Celsius (that’s about 57 degrees Fahrenheit) with little chance of rain. Perfect! 

Apparently I should have paid closer attention to the short-term forecast, at least judging by what we woke up to this am…  The rumble of avalanches off the steel roof and snapping of large tree limbs (sounds like a rifle shot, by the way) was not the kind of wake-up music I appreciate in the Fall.  Our house hasn’t lost power (yet), but with the widespread tree damage and heavy snow on power lines, some of my neighbors may want to consult the Wired wiki on surviving a power blackout…

The snow will melt, and I guess on the bright side, the trees will all look spookier for Halloween night.

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