Tabletop Biosphere 2

Geek Culture

San Francisco based KQED’s Quest visited the MAKE test lab in advance of Maker Faire and has a short video on making your own tabletop biosphere.

Boy, they sure make it look easy! The video is an expansion of the same project that appeared both in MAKE magazine and on one of their vidcasts. The offspring and I tried this last summer but put a NJ spin on it, using creatures and plants we could find in our local streams and ponds. Our little world lasted about six weeks before the apocalypse.

As the weather warms here in NJ, I’m devising plans to correct our past mistakes and scale this project up in a regular aquarium tank. I might add some more complex life forms, and perhaps not seal it. Any thoughts, suggestions, or warnings from the geekdad community? My aim is to not use anything electrical besides maybe light. Anyone ever try this?

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