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Did you ever play a good game of Car Wars when you were younger? Do you remember the joy of the classic videogame Interstate ’76? Would you have been happy to live in the nitro-fueled post-apocalypse of Mad Max?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then Thunder Track may be for you.

[This post was sponsored by Alec Ramsey and Lee Johnson.]

Thunder Track is an expansion of the already-popular Turbo Rally, with dozens of new cards, and new layers of strategy. This is a complete game, playable by 2-10 people (or teams), for ages 10 and up. You can use your own toy cars (like Matchbox or Hot Wheels) as playing pieces, and even customize them with 3D-printed weapons!

Thunder Track is sponsoring GeekDad all this week, so each day we’re going to feature a part of the rules and images from the cards, to get you all excited about backing the project.

Be the first player to complete your lane and cross the finish line to collect the first-place trophy. In Tournament Champion play, the goal is to collect the most first place trophies in five consecutive races.

Track Set-up

  1. Determine the number of players who will be racing and how long you want the race to run.
  2. Deal track cards evenly between all players, making sure to leave a small draw pile remaining. Place track cards facedown in a single-file line (one lane per player) in any track configuration desired.
  3. Separate all Oil Spill, Performance Upgrades, RPM, and Trophy cards into their own draw piles.
  4. Place the Finish Line card at the end of the track.
  5. Each player selects a weapon of their choice. Selection order is determined by rolling a die, with the highest roll choosing first. Selection order in subsequent races is determined by the finish order of the previous race. Use ammo counter clips to keep track of rounds.
  6. Deal each player seven RPM cards at the beginning of each race.
  7. Roll dice to determine start order of the first race. The start order of subsequent races is determined by the finish order of the previous race.

TT Track

If that doesn’t sound like a trunk-load of fun, then I don’t know what does. Make sure to rel=”nofollow”jump over to their Kickstarter project page to see more details, read the FAQ, see what the folks who have already backed are saying, and more!

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