Open Wide and Say “Ewww!”


Giantmouthcorpusamsterdam_3Giantmouthcorpusamsterdam_3Want to get all hands on with human anatomy? Corpus, a new amusement park/health education museum, may be just the thing for you. Located in the Dutch town of Oegstgeest (between Amsterdam and The Hague) this facility encourages visitors to learn how the body works.

Associated Press reporter Toby Sterling writes:

All the walls and halls are modeled with fiberglass to resemble the inside of a giant human body, giving visitors the sensation of being shrunk down to a tiny scale, like the characters of the classic science fiction film "Fantastic Voyage."

Presumably, the interactive swim with a virtual Rachel Welch would cost extra.

Strap on 3-D glasses and watch holograms of cartoon sperm sprinting to fertilize an egg. Climb inside a gigantic nose, enjoy the smell of fresh hay, then feel the wind blast on your neck when it sneezes. Walk across a bouncy rubber tongue complete with taste buds and realistic burping noises in the background.


From USA Today via bookofjoe and DVICE

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