Wiring: By Geeks, For Geeks

Geek Culture

Of all the geeky professionals in the world, NASA employees (down to the janitors, I strongly suspect) are definitely among the geekiest. They are unabashedly nuts about what they do, be it chemistry, aeronautics, astrophotography or any one of a thousand other specialist niches required to make the space agency run — right down to the wiring.

Wiring…there’s something almost all geeks have in common with their NASA brethren and sistren. Whether it’s hooking up stereo speakers, hacking a Furby, or turning an old console stereo into a giant iPod, nearly all geeks deal at least a bit with electricity. So you’ll be pleased to know that the geek pros at NASA publish their wiring workmanship standards online.

Personally, I’m satisfied with wire nuts and electrical tape. Still, if you’re the sort who likes super-clean wiring or (as Engadget suggests) you’re trying to built the world’s sexiest custom computer rig, this is the guide for you.

(via Engadget)

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