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Given the news that’s been everywhere for the past few days, I’m curious to hear what Geekdads (well, geekparents in general, really) have to say about things. I refer, of course, to OS X 10.5.2 and Vista SP1…no, wait. I don’t, either.

Seriously, I’m talking about the impending demise of HD-DVD, which nows seems entirely likely. Netflix and Wal-Mart have apparently said they’re going to drop Toshiba’s hi-def format, which sounds as much like a death knell as anything I’ve heard lately. So if the format war is over, are any geekparents planning to celebrate?

Planning to buy a high-def player now? Going to wait for the inevitable price cut? Already bought one? Or maybe you’re planning to use download services, and don’t really care about physical media any more. So pipe up…we’re curious to hear how Sony’s apparent victory will — or won’t — affect your A/V setup.

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