This Case is Cooler Than Yours

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It’s hard to get excited about case mods any more. I mean, at first it was cool enough to just cut a Plexiglas window into the side of your case and throw a few oddly-colored lights inside. I figured things ahd pretty much reached apogee with the Doom case mod a couple of years ago. Truthfully, for sheer thematic glory, that’s probably still a winner.

Geekdads, though, have a different sensibility, I think. It’s not enough to have a theme, sounds and cool sculpting. You need lots of servos, your case window has to have a moving cover, and there’s an operating minimum of lights, dials and switches that must be present in order to pass muster. In other words, the more purposelesss gears, gadgets and gewgaws you throw on the case, the more closely you approach the point of Pure Steampunk, and the higher Geekdad will rate your case.

If we accept that as given, then it’s just possible that Motorized Madness is the Best Case Ever. Frankly, I can’t tell what percentage of the servo-driven enhancements are actually practical, but when you reach this point, I’m also not sure it matters. The turbine-shaped cooler atop the rig is just the icing on the cake. My only complaint is that the two big gears on the side should actually turn.

This, gentlemen, is a case that can appreciated by Geekdads and geeklings alike.

(via Engadget and Guru of 3D)

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