Robot-Dinosaurs Continuing to Lull Our Children Into a False Sense of Joy and Wonder

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Three hundred bucks and a half-dozen "D" cell batteries are all that separate your child from the experience of riding their very own pigmy-triceratops into battle against the Sleestak, Uruk-hai, or intergalactic baddies du jour.

PLAYSKOOL goes prehistoric with the introduction of the KOTA The
Triceratops Dinosaur. Featuring sophisticated electronics, animatronics and design, this ‘life-size’ baby dinosaur ‘comes to life’ creating a magical experience for preschoolers. Measuring over 40-inches long KOTA
The Triceratops reacts to touch and sound with realistic dinosaur noises and movements. Featuring sensors in eleven areas on his body,
KOTA will react to touch by moving his head, tail and horns or giving a friendly dino roar. With KOTA The Triceratops children will enjoy the simulated experience of ‘riding’ a dinosaur; kids can ride comfortably on his back in a spring-loaded seat, holding onto a handle hidden behind the dinosaur’s head. To enhance the fantasy play of going for an adventure on a triceratops, while ‘riding’ KOTA children will hear fun jungle sounds. Kids can also flip a switch on the handle to play adventure-themed songs while enjoying their prehistoric journey. KOTA
The Triceratops comes complete with leafy greens that the dinosaur will
‘munch’ when ‘fed.’ And, like a good friend, KOTA will roar back when spoken to.

I, for one, welcome our blah-de-blah blah overlords.  Okay, this is pretty neat.  And in fact I could see hacking this being even more rewarding than the Pleo.  But it begs the question: do we really want to be raising a generation that believes they grew up playing with dinosaurs?  Kind of muddles the epochs, doesn’t it?  But darned if he isn’t cute though…  Link to Playskool.  Found via Gizmodo.

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