GeekDad Reaches One-Thousandth Post, and There Was Much Rejoicing

Geek Culture


Sometime last night, GeekDad founder and Wired Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson published the milestone one-thousandth post on our little blog.  As blogging goes, 1,000 isn’t all that huge; there are political blogs that may see that many posts in a month.  But for the GeekDads, a loose congregation of volunteer writers, it’s a nice thing to achieve.  In light of this, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Chris Anderson, without whom all this wouldn’t exist, and all the contributors to GeekDad, who continue to find and post interesting projects, pictures, and weblinks that speak to the Geeks and Parents in each of us.  I’d also like to thank all of you, our readers, who keep coming back and giving us the positive feedback and great suggestions.  GeekDad is all about building a community around the intersection of Geekdom and Family, and every positive comment we get tells us we’re doing something right.  Thanks to you all, and here’s to the next 1,000!

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