Play to Win: Auto Guitar Hero

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We GeekDads are serious about a number of issues. At the forefront are things like spending quality time with the geeklings, playing video games, household hacking, and, of course, rocking out. Once in great a while, a piece comes along that combines all four. This is such a story.

In the past we’ve examined ways to give our aging fingers an (unfair) advantage against the nimbler reflexes of our brood – the Guitar Hero Auto-Whammy comes to mind – but what do you do when that’s simply not enough?

One enterprising father took things to the next logical level by crafting the Auto Guitar Hero:

It’s a computing platform that watches the composite video stream coming out of the Wii, figures out which buttons to press and when, and sends the signals to a modified Wii Guitar through a cable.

Pictures, schematics, code, and the detailed story of the Guitar Hero hack to end all hacks can be found at the creator’s web site. Video of the system at work, however, can be viewed below.

Via Kotaku

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