Robot Incursion Alert!

Geek Culture

Resizearena1_2Resizearena1_2 Alert:  A robot incursion is expected at the Mall of America- Bloomington, MN April 25-26.  Avoid the Rotunda on the East side of the Mall if you or your geeklets are susceptible to robot control. 

These robots will engage in combat. Unwary spectators may be lured to their doom with free "Iron Man" schwag from Paramount Pictures. The alert period extends from 10-7 on Saturday and 10-4 on Sunday.  End Alert.

Come and see professional bot builders and student teams go head to head with their combat robots. Builders from across the country will be competing against each other in six different weight classes.

As a volunteer "Robot Warden", my charges and I will attend on Saturday to watch for any signs of sentient awakening.

Thanks to the Midwest Robotics League for the tip and the photo.  MOA site

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