Track Your Kid’s Growth with Flickaday


Measuring on the door jambMeasuring on the door jambWhen I was a kid, we had a monthly ritual. We’d line up at the entrance to the garage, and Dad would set us against the door jamb to measure our height. It was great fun and introduced us to some very basic concepts of time and change: “I’m one inch taller now than I was last month. I’m growing!”

A few months ago, when I discovered Flickaday, I was reminded of our little childhood ritual. Tracking height is a great way to see how your kid grows in size, but what about everything else? So, using Flickaday, I’ve applied the One-Photo-a-Day treatment to our kid.

If you have a webcam, Flickaday makes this process very easy. Just hop on the site, create an account, set up your pose (we put our son on our knees; he loves to see himself on the screen), and click a button. You can add a caption to each photograph, and there’s even a feature that lets you transparently overlay yesterday’s photo so you can match up features day-to-day (a cool-yet-sometimes-creepy effect made popular by Noah K. Everyday). And if you don’t have a webcam, there’s also an upload feature.

Any tricks or tips that you have on getting young children interested in their own personal growth and changes?

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