It’s Bracket Time!


Tournament of BooksTournament of Books

Tournament of Books bracket by The Morning News

Well, it’s March again, which means it’s time to start filling out your brackets. I already told you last year that I’m not that into basketball (though at my house we root for the Jayhawks) but I love the idea of pitting things against each other until you’re left with one lone winner. From last year’s Muppet Madness Tournament (which Bert & Ernie won) to The Morning News’ annual Tournament of Books, there’s just something fun about debating the relative merits of things that sets geeks off. (Witness our discussion on the podcast this week about whether you’d prefer to live in the world of Star Wars or Firefly.) It reminds me of this quote from The Illumination about readers: “They cherished certain books and disdained others with a zeal that seemed totally genuine yet totally arbitary.”

Well, for some more arbitrary cherishing and disdaining, here’s a bracket full of geeky pop culture: movies, video games, toys, TV shows and books, all in a big hodgepodge tournament to determine the best geeky thing.

Geek Tournament BracketGeek Tournament Bracket

Geek Tournament Bracket, from Transformer Generation Dad.

Transformer Generation Dad is another geeky dad who admits that it’s completely silly to pit some things against each other—but it’s still fun to go vote for your favorites and help them win. I mean, really, would you pick Phineas and Ferb or Firefly? Two completely different shows, beloved for totally different reasons, but I bet a lot of GeekDad readers have a fondness for both. How about Zork versus Halo? In the podcast, Matt Blum pointed out that without Zork there might not have been a Halo. On the other hand, which one would you rather be playing right now? Does it make a difference?

Head over to Transformer Generation Dad to cast your votes—he’ll cycle through the different games every three days or so, and has instructions here on entering your bracket to win a T-shirt.

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