Renewbot Saves the Day … Or At Least a Few Bucks in Fines


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Looking for ways to cut costs? How about the money you spend on Amazon and Netflix, when you could be getting books and movies from your local library instead, for free?

Oh, but you say, it’s only free if you remember to return or renew your books on time, and you don’t know my kids. If only there were some cute cape-wearing robot who would renew my books for me!

Da-da-da-DUM: RenewBot to the rescue!

For $2.99 a year, RenewBot will automatically log in to your library’s website and renew books before they’re due. It will also monitor items that you’ve requested and estimate the amount of time before you’re at the head of the queue.

You can set up alerts for things that are due via text message or e-mail, and there are lots of different options for customizing the alerts. (Of course, eventually you will have to return things to the library, and Renewbot can’t help you with that … yet.)

While they don’t have every library in the country yet, you can input your zip code and it will tell you whether your library’s available. And if not, you can enter your e-mail address and they promise to add your library within 24 hours! (Not sure how they manage that, but it’s an impressive claim.)

The best part? RenewBot gives you a two month free trial, with no automatic credit card charge when the trial period is up. Instead, if you decide not to pay (or forget to cancel), your account automatically expires after the trial period is up. So it’s really a risk-free deal.

Wired: For only three bucks a year, RenewBot will help you avoid overdue fees at the library.

Tired: Renewbot will not come to your house, find non-renewable items, and physically take them to the library for you.

Try out RenewBot.

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