Attire for Geeklings

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Thinkgeek has a fantastic new infant creeper for "geeklings".  And they really know how to sell it to us geek parents:

Geeks come in all sizes. And the littlest isn’t the 100 lb. weakling with the sand kicked in his face on the back of our favorite comic books of the 70s. It’s the 8 lb. "I can’t hold my head up yet, but I can do long division" little person produced by the mating of two adult geeky lifeforms. Celebrate the geek in the littlest of us with this creeper that proudly declares the little one a true "Geekling."

Who wouldn’t want one of these for their ankle biter after reading a description like that?

This has me wondering: What other geek attire is lurking out there for little geeks and geeklets? So many funny onesies, diaper covers, and tshirts, so little time before they grow up and scoff that you ever made them wear those things…

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