SparkFun Electronics Unveils a New Education Site

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Ludus The Purple OctopusLudus The Purple Octopus

Ludus the Purple Octopus – Mascot for SparkFun Education

One of the most important tenets I live by is that education never stops. A quick way for something to catch my attention is to have an area marked with words such as “tutorial,” “learn,” “guide,” and all those other great words. Now a company that has always had a great list of tutorials and classes is going all out with a new website dedicated to learning.

The folks over at SparkFun Electronics, one of my favorite go-to places for parts, inspiration, and cool stuff, have unveiled a new education website. The site is already stocked with a great set of materials in the curriculum area with other areas, such as tutorials and and events, marked as coming soon. They even have a great mascot, Ludus the Purple Octopus who unites the skills of a hacker, builder, and maker with the great goals of education, recreation, and fun! I know I’ll keep an eye on the site for updates, tutorials, and classes. Might even necessitate a trip to Boulder for a class!

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