Howtoons Book Hits the Shelves

Geek Culture

I don’t know about you, but the first thing my boys and I turn to when we get a new copy of Make magazine is Howtoons. From marshmallow shooters to a turkey baster flute to a "rola bola", we’ve had a blast building the simple projects illustrated in this fun cartoon. Now I’m really excited to hear that as of today the Howtoons book is available!

From the Howtoons blog:

HOWTOONS is really officially here!  Congrats Saul, Nick and Joost!

Part comic strip and part science experiment, Howtoons shows children how to find imaginative new uses for common household items like soda bottles, duct tape, mop buckets, and more–to teach kids the
Tools of Mass Construction!

Howtoons are cartoons that teach 8– to 15–year–old readers "how to"
build, create, and explore things. Combining a fun, full–color cartoon format and real life science and engineering principles, Howtoons are designed to encourage kids to become active participants in the world around them.

I know I’ve posted about Howtoons before, but this is really the perfect Geekdad gift. Just trust me on this one. You can get it at your local book store or Amazon.

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