Like Manna from the Alley

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My neighbors believe in regifting. Their discarded products end up almost weekly behind their garage, where I stare at it on my way to work. I stare at stuffed animals, old baby seats, portable butane burners, car parts and, occasionally, something I want.

The VCR showed up there the other day.  We needed to take it apart.Img_3811Img_3811

The boys were in the mood for one of dad’s projects.  They fought over the screwdrivers in their eagerness to help strip the VCR chassis.  I helped with some of the tighter screws, but they did the work and made some good guesses at how the mechanical parts worked together as I pretended that I knew how a VCR works

Colin guessed that the magnet assembly above the video drum worked like a landspeeder’s repulsorlifts or a maglev train.  There are some good images of a Video Drum disassembly here. Too bad we don’t have a cat.

I’m not (yet) an electronics geek, so I haven’t started desoldering the board to salvage the LCD display or planning on a use for the timing functions. I’ll gladly take your suggestions. Ben did manage to create an ‘electric toothbrush’ from the tape transport motor we scavenged and a 9 volt battery.

They did pretty well with screwdrivers and we gave Mom enough time to get supper ready without Alan tugging on her legs. I wonder what’s in tomorrow’s alley.

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