Tux Paint: Free and Fun Paint Software for Kids

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Tool_stamps_tintt_2Tool_stamps_tintt_2 Tux Paint is a free and open-source paint program that provides hours of creative fun for kids and adults alike. Because Tux the penguin is associated with Linux, many people don’t know that you can also download Tux Paint for Windows, Mac OS X, and even obscure OSes like BeOS.

My six-year-old daughter loves to paint kittens with the rubber stamp tool, which repeats the same shape over and over. I love the full-screen interface option, which keeps small hands from accidentally clicking and dragging your files into the trash.

Check out the gallery of kid-contributed art or the tuxpaint tag on Flickr for some amazing art done by kids and adults all around the world.

Tux Paint has very low system requirements, so it is likely to run well on any computer you can find. Why not try it at home or help your school set up an old computer or two as a Tux Paint station?

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