Discussion Thread: What is Geek?

Geek Culture

We have a number of new contributors here, not to mention plenty of readers, and haven’t really had a chance to properly introduce ourselves. As an attempt to do so, I’d like to propose a question to the community. It’s one that’s been rolling around my head for a few weeks;

What, exactly, is "geek"?

When I "applied" to contribute here, I asked The Mrs. if she thought I was geek-enough to qualify. Once she stopped laughing, she took me downstairs to where I do my writing.


Um … yeah.

Not pictured are my Xbox and PS2, as well as the sub basement full of computer equipment I swear I’m going to fix some day. And then there’s my Lego habit and love of cars that borders on the religious. Not exactly "using a slide rule and coding in Fortran" geek, but I think geek enough.

So what is geek to you? What makes you a geek? What makes you want to turn your kid into one? Has the word "geek" been commandeered and turned into a badge of honor rather than an insult?

Basically, a discussion of all things geek.

Or we can discuss Microsoft extorting money from open-source developers, or if the War of 1812 was actually a war and occurred in 1812. Your call.

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