Tintin Meets Spielberg/Jackson

Geek Culture

Pardon the fanboy/AICN moment, but I’m delighted at the news that Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson have secured the rights to the Tintin books and will be directing a trilogy of films. Whoa. As a kid, my brothers and I lived for Tintin books, spending many hours in trees, washrooms, and the like reading about the adventures of Tintin, Thomson/Thompson, Professor Calculus, and Captain Haddock in books like The Seven Crystal Balls, Red Rackham’s Treasure, and so on.

Fusing Spielberg-ian sensibility with Jackson’s flair for the computer-generated is just about enough to get me thinking about going to the movies, albeit in 3-4 years. And you have to bet that, in the interim, the already-completed 20-minute CGI proof of principle film gets leaked.

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