Want to Learn Electronics and Arduino Programming? It’s Your Lucky Day!

BE Board

If you’re wanting to teach yourself electronics, one of the best ways to do it is to grab a book and a parts kit and sit down with the soldering iron and work through the examples. Continue reading

Texas Instruments USB Launchpad MSP430F5529

MSP430F5529 USB Launchpad

Texas Instruments has released a new Launchpad that uses the 16-bit MSP430F5529 MCU. This is the fastest and most capable MSP430 processor yet with a clock speed of 25 Mhz, 8KB of RAM and 128KB of Flash. The USB Launchpad supports many USB modes including CDC (communications), HID (keyboard and mouse), and MSC (mass storage).
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FIRST Championship Showcases Brilliant Innovation in First Lego League


Among the many outstanding displays of innovation at the FIRST Championship in Saint Louis this past weekend, the FIRST Lego League impressed the most with great projects to solve real world problems. Continue reading

Arduino-Powered Testing Proves That a LEGO Brick Wears Out in 37,112 Clicks

Arduino-powered LEGO brick tester (screenshot from YouTube video)

Phillipe Cantin started with the question “How many times can I assemble LEGO bricks before they wear out?” From there, a little ingenuity and some Arduino expertise soon led to a mechanical testing rig that would provide an answer.

The entire story is summarized over at Phillipe’s blog. As well, Ars Technica has an excellent extended writeup on the project. Continue reading

Kickstarter Alert: UDOO Development Board

UDOO Board (Image: UDOO)

The UDOO is a dual processor system featuring an ARM i.MX6 from Freescale Semiconductors and a ARM SAM3X8E from Atmel. The Atmel ARM chip is the same chip as the Arduino DUE and the UDOO board has the footprint of a DUE built right into the board, including all of the IO pins. The Freescale ARM i.MX6 is available as a dual core or a quad core and runs at 1 GHz. Continue reading

Learning the Arduino Is an Adventure!


The world is abuzz with Makers moving from scripting to physical computing using the Arduino platform. GeekDad’s own James Floyd Kelly and Harold Timmis make learning how to make the jump to physical computing with the Arduino an adventure in their new book, Arduino Adventures: Escape from Gemini Station. Continue reading

Build a Giant Cardboard Robot Arm!


Back in July of 2012, GeekDad pointed out Ken Ihara’s terrific Kickstarter project to fund the design of a giant cardboard robotic arm. Well, Ken easily reached his funding goal and produced his initial run of cardboard robots, and now he has chosen to share the complete design with the world. Continue reading