Surviving 'Pandemic Legacy' or How to Avoid the Apocalypse in 12 (Not So Easy) Steps

In ‘Pandemic Legacy’ by Z-Man Games, your gaming group is a team of specialists tasked with eliminating four global viral outbreaks. Each round, you’re scrambling to find pieces of the cure and get those pieces to your far-flung compatriots, all while eliminating disease to prevent outbreaks. The game is working against you, adding more infection to the board each round and occasionally causing epidemics where those infected cities can get even worse. If you’ve played traditional ‘Pandemic’, this is nothing new.

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Pandemic: Contagion—Mutate, Incubate, Infect

Just last month, Z-Man Games released the latest title in the Pandemic line, Pandemic: Contagion. This time, however, you’re not trying to eradicate infectious diseases. You are the diseases, working to wipe out as much of the world’s population as possible. With Ebola and Enterovirus constantly in the news, you’d think we’re on the verge of being wiped out by infectious diseases. As it turns out, that’s not as easy as the media makes it out to be—at least in this game.

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Zooloretto—Now With Dice!

I’ve been a fan of Michael Schacht’s Coloretto and Zooloretto games for some time. They’re based on a simple but effective mechanic, akin to the “you cut the cake, I pick a piece” strategy—this makes the games easy to teach and a lot of fun. How do you set things up so that your opponents will still let you have the choice you really want? There’s a new version out now, Zooloretto: The Dice Game.

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