Fixing the dishwasher

The Internet Is Saving Me a Fortune in Appliance Repairs

I often tend to think of the Internet as a time and money suck. I don’t even do the Facebook thing, but far too much of my day seems to involve being online. And too much of that time is taking advantage of the one-click, delivery-to-the-door shopping experience. It’s just way too easy to buy another hard drive, a better keyboard or — while we’re at it — a new computer, thanks to Amazon and others. However, much as the Internet has drained my time and resources, it also gives back. For example, I’ve saved a small fortune in appliance repairs.

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Reading used to be so simple.

E-Reader, Tablet or Paper: How Are Your Kids Reading These Days?

The primary questions around kids and reading used to be: What do they read? And how much? These days – stuck in some sort of netherworld between competing technologies and traditional paper books — I find another question is being asked just as frequently: How are they reading? I fully transitioned to digital reading years ago, doubling up my book collection to regain some shelf space and buying only e-books going forward. But with the kids, the situation has been far more complicated.

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