GeekMom Video Playlist: Weird All the Way

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 9.53.03 AM
Image by Weird Al

So I had some fascinating, educational, and inspirational videos to show you this month. Then my daughter showed me a music video, and really, there isn’t anything else you need to see. My son Luke, who always does his picks, agreed that this month should be dedicated to the Master of Geek Music: Weird Al. So here are a few of his videos that came out this week:

First, is the best of the bunch: “Word Crimes.” BRILLIANT. Teachers: Make your students memorize this for extra credit. My daughter clapped when he mentioned how people use “literally” incorrectly. This drives her nuts. Thanks, Al!



Next up is “Tacky.” (“At a funeral, taking selfies with the deceased.”)



Then, there’s “Foil.” Hee-hee. The way he draws out the sheet of foil is so silly. I’ll be singing this all day.



“Sports Song” is on his website, so check that out too. And I bet there will be more coming. Ever since “I’m A Danish,” I have been a big fan of his. The guy is a lyrical genius, and happens to have put his talent into making people laugh for decades. That’s reason enough to dedicate this month to him. Go Al!

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