Super Mario Maker skewers

Happy MAR10 Day!

In the annals of pop culture pseudo-holidays, March 10 certainly isn’t at the top of the heap–I reckon that slot goes to September 19, the date of our beloved International Talk Like a Pirate Day–but it is a fun diversion for the Nintendo faithful. On this date, we celebrate the Big N’s Koopa-kickin’ mascot Mario… for obvious reasons.

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Pixel Paint - Shyguy

Learn to make a Pixel Painting

One of the many skills I’ve developed in my time as a creative geek is pixel painting, the art of painting video game sprites with acrylic paint on canvas. I recently started picking it up as a hobby again, and I thought I’d share some pointers on how to get started–in case anyone would like to paint their favorite old school video game character!

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Are You (Wii U) Experienced?

Last weekend Nintendo brought its travelling promotional event The Wii U Experience to Atlanta, Georgia. The team managed to convert an abandoned downtown storefront into an odd combination of a mini E3 hands-on and a minimalist hipster crash space (complete …

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