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Doxie Go Wi-Fi: A True “Take It With You” Scanner

My fellow geek dads, friends, and family members know I am a scanner geek, through and through. This is a technology that continues to evolve and offer up more features to both home and office users. Armed with a personal scanner, you can get organized, reduce your clutter, and become more efficient.

I’ve got two scanners in my office, but they’re in no way portable. There are a number of smaller scanners out there that have a small footprint and are extremely light (in weight), but the one that’s been stowed in my truck and pretty much goes everywhere I go these days is the Doxie Go Wi-Fi. I’ve reviewed the Doxie Go in the past for GeekDad, but this new version has some improvements and now satisfies one of my biggest demands for a portable scanner — I don’t always have my laptop with me, but I almost always have my iPhone and/or iPad, and they both work great with the Doxie Go Wi-Fi and the matching iOS app.

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Powerful Yet Affordable Personal Scanner – Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100

I’m not a neat freak, but as a rule I just don’t like clutter. Especially paper clutter. Whether you’re a fan of cloud storage or you’ve taken advantage of one of the extremely low-priced hard drives offered these days (3TB for $100, for example), for example), it’s just too easy to move anything and everything possible to a digital storage location. For a number of years now, I’ve had a serious fascination with personal scanners… and I’ve used a mix of brand and models to get where I am today — a 99% paper-free home office.

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Doxie Flip

Backup Your Photo Collection With Doxie Flip

Over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to test many personal scanners. Besides using a scanner to reduce the paper clutter in my house and office, it’s also useful for converting print photos to digital files. I’ve managed to scan just about every photo I have, little by little… a couple dozen here, a couple dozen there. The fact is that I just don’t have any more photos to scan in, and this problem had me scratching my head as I opened the new Doxie Flip scanner and wondered just how I could best put it to the test.

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Scan a book

Print-to-Digital Book Conversion Walkthrough

After my recent review of the new ScanSnap SV600, I got some emails from some readers wanting more information relating to converting a print workbook to a digital version. With my previous review of the ScanSnap iX500, I had briefly mentioned how I ripped apart a book of mazes and scanned in the pages so my oldest son could solve the mazes on the iPad over and over again. I’m going to go through every step I take to convert an actual book to a PDF file and show you what it looks like on the iPad when all is said and done.

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The SV600

Review: The Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 Overhead Scanner

The SV600 is an overhead scanner that allows for scanning of books, magazines, individual sheets, business cards, photos, and much more. It has some very special software under the hood that allows it to not only identify multiple items placed in front of it, but it can also handle the curve of the pages from an open book or magazine scan, flattening the scan and performing clean up to create a clear image.

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