Review: HP Makes Multifunction No Big Deal With the DeskJet 3755

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Multi-Function printers are basically a must for any home office and for most homes with school age kids. The downside of that is multi-function printers tend to take up space. As someone with a compressed living situation right now, I’ve had to go without. Then HP announced the DeskJet 3755.

More space to get work done. Source: HP.
More space to get work done.
Source: HP.

Saying the DeskJet 3755 is compact is like saying the ocean is “kinda deep.” The box for it is smaller than some printer toner boxes I have carried. In fact, I actually lost the box for two weeks while moving some things around. That is not something that should happen.

The printer and an ice tray, for comparison.
The printer and an ice tray, for comparison.

HP is really proud of this printer. There’s the fact that it prints perfectly from your wireless device via Wi-Fi direct, for one thing. It also can be used in tandem with their “ink subscription” service, Instant Ink, which is cute (and necessary for anyone who does more than the most minimal printing). But that all pales in comparison to just how tiny this is, yet it has all the power of a larger all-in-one. HP is even calling it the “world’s smallest all-in-one” (minus fax, that is, because it’s 2016, people). Technically, there have been smaller, but those were $200+ machines, aimed at the business user. At only $70, the DeskJet 3755 is a good price for an all-in-one to begin with, let alone one this small.

HP was quick to stress to me that the 3755 is not a “feeds and speeds” printer. Quite a bit, really. I think they like that term. Honestly, I didn’t keep track of how long printing took. To me, if you want a fast printer, you should invest in a laser printer. If you just want to get it done, this is perfect. The scanner works via a feed-in system. However, should you have thick media, like a book, the HP app for your phone or tablet will let you use the device camera as a scanner and then send to the 3755.

DeskJet 3755 compared to an iPad Air.
DeskJet 3755 compared to an iPad Air. How insane is this?

It’s sometimes hard to decide who a product I’m sent to review is best for, but the HP DeskJet just screams “back to school.” Yes, your student will want Instant Ink to keep up with the workload, but that totally offsets the fact that the DJ 3755 fits perfectly in just about any dorm room you can imagine. It’s also perfect for writers with a slightly nomadic lifestyle (cough-cough).

Note: HP lent me the DeskJet 3755 for a short review window. It’s now on my Amazon wishlist. It should be on yours too.

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