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Secret Weapon Tombs of the Dark Sun
Malice RPG Tombs of the Dark Sun Terrain @ Secret Weapon

Like many gamers, I want the newest accessories for my roleplaying experience. The main thing that separates that from us is affordability. Most terrain systems start at the $100+ price point. The other alternative is to buy molds and spend many hours casting your own dungeons and cities.

The Starter Set show here painted is only 49.99

Recently, I did a story about a Kickstarter being run by Secret Weapon Miniatures. When I visited their website to see what else they offered, I was pleased to see the Tombs of the Dark Sun set. The First thing I noticed was the detail in the model. Many terrain sets have fairly simple stone walls and floors. This set has an amazing level of detail, from candles is the walls to mummies and tombs and runes written everywhere. What really shocked me was the unheard of price of $49.99. I was skeptical until my package was delivered and I was able to lay out all of the pieces.

The Started set arrives unpainted
The Started set arrives unpainted

The Pieces were cast in high-quality resin and came in a flat grey color. Some of the pieces were a bit off-color, but after I added a coat of primer to the entire set it had a great look. If you are not interested in hand painting every piece I would still recommend  a couple of coats of grey primer to protect your investment and give everything a good uniform look. If you enjoy painting your terrain, this will be a pleasure for you. The pieces are covered in little skulls, helmets, candles, and more. The set also comes with a burial sarcophagus and several doorways.

All of this makes it an excellent entry-level purchase for RPG gamers. At $49:99, it is almost as cheap as the paper alternatives for this type of product.

Malice also offers very affordable expansions for this dungeon including:

Tombs of the Dark Sun Feature set,  $19.99

Feature Set
Feature Set

Tombs of the Dark Sun Room and Passage Set, $19.99


Tombs of the Dark Sun Secret Passage Set, $19.99


Tombs of the Dark Sun Wall Set, $24.95


And there are many more. You can see that the expansions are also very affordable. I cannot recommend this set enough, and I look forward to expanding my set slowly but continuously.

So take advantage and upgrade your RPG experience today!

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