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Five Ways To Feel Like A Beach Geek

Five Ways To Feel Like A Beach Geek

It’s summer for those of us in the northern hemisphere, and just as we’re starting to see the possibility of beach days approaching, those of you down under are wishing they’d last a bit longer. Either way, here are a few goodies to help you pretend you’re basking in the sun and playing in the sand. Read More

This Geeky House: Ariane

I bought my first house a few months ago. It was scary and exciting, but the best part was getting to decorate the new house! Thanks to Pinterest, I was able to browse and save my home decor inspirations. ThinkGeek … Read More

Pin a Quote to Pinterest

Those of us enthused about Pinterest know the site has one limitation. The pages we want to save must have an image to capture for our “pins.” But the tubes don’t always cooperate. Some pages don’t feature any images while images on other pages may have very little to do with why we want to… Read More