Procrastination Destination: Earth Day!

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This month’s edition of Procrastination Destination (because taking a break is good for you!) celebrates Earth Day. I grew up with a dad that took his own bags to the grocery store when it was weird to do so. Now I raise my kids to be informed about the environmental issues that they (and their kids) will have to deal with. But first, some humor:

Let’s start with a short John Oliver clip on climate change. A fair and balanced debate with Bill Nye the Science Guy! Note: wear your headphones, mom and dad, cursing ensues:

Scientists aren’t always great at communication. Words matter. Here’s a simple way to explain global warming and climate change to your kids with just water and ice. Then they can be science literate.

In 2014, Spider-Man joined forces with Earth Hour to highlight the environmental emergency facing our planet. Here is this year’s video showing how the international community CAN come together, if only for an hour.

Typing of superheroes, who is the most earth-friendly superhero? Check out this post from

Even beloved geeky pop culture cares about our environment. Here’s a post about Star Trek: The Voyage Home movie, which had a strong environmental message.

I love Pinterest. Here is a plethora of kid-friendly crafts for Earth Day.

What’s the number one way to make yourself and your kids care about our environment? ENJOY IT! Scare tactics and statistics about how our planet is heading for disaster just make us want to crawl into our computer screens. The more we spend time in our beautiful world, the more we want to keep it that way. There is plenty of scientific evidence to show why you and your kids should get outside. Here are tips to going on nature adventures with your family.

Explain the science. Do some crafts. And get outside for Earth Day!

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