New Book Tuesday – ‘Teach Your Kids to Code’

Sometimes the timing of a new book release just seems magical. I’ve got a collection of tech camps that I’ll be teaching this summer, including a Beginning Game Programming camp for ages 8 to 13. I’ve got a lot of the curriculum already selected, but I’ve been specifically looking for a kid-friendly book on Python that doesn’t talk down to kids AND provides a logical and well-organized attack on programming theory that follows the handful of programming courses I took years ago. For some time now, my search hasn’t been going so well… there are some great Python books out there, but for one reason or another I just haven’t found a solid match.
When a press release for ‘Teach Your Kids To Code’ by Bryson Payne landed in my Inbox, I pounced.

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Volume 1

Can You Survive Inside the Human Body?

I’ll give Seok-Young Song and illustrator Hyun-Dong Han credit for choosing the first book in the Survive Inside The Human Body manga trilogy to be the one that covers the digestive system. What kid (of suitable age) isn’t going to enjoy a book that tackles so many of what are typically considered the “gross” subjects — stomach acid, intestines, flatulence, eructation (look it up), and yes… poop. Nothing is left to the imagination — you’ve got excellent coverage of sphincters, hook worms, and feces… everything a kid (or adult) would want to know about the digestive system.

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