Finding Inspiration with ‘Tiny LEGO Wonders’

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Image: No Starch Press
Image: No Starch Press

There is nothing better for creativity than a healthy dose of inspiration. In that vein, I’ve been searching for inspiration for my LEGO creations. The most recent addition to my collection is Tiny LEGO Wonders from No Starch Press. This beautiful hardback book features 40 wonderfully detailed vehicles small enough to hold in your hand. Nearly a dozen designers from around the world joined forces to bring this treasure trove to life. It’s no surprise, then to find that Tiny LEGO Wonders is a page-turning adventure for any LEGO enthusiast.

My first reaction, surprisingly, was disappointment. The title led me to believe there would be many kinds of “wonders” to build. Instead, perusing the table of contents, I found 40 different vehicles to build. Thankfully, I love LEGO vehicles of all kinds. As I read the sections I was tickled to find 10 categories of vehicles, ranging from The Train Station to The Moon Army.

intercity express tiny lego wonders
Image: No Starch Press

The beautiful photography drew me in to each build, even those I normally wouldn’t consider building, like the cruise ship. The great photos and high-end printing made every tiny vehicle leap from the page. I identified a few I liked, and set out to bring them to life in my own LEGO paradise.

lego tiny wonders building and variations
Photo: Rory Bristol

Unlike some other LEGO inspiration books, Tiny LEGO Wonders walks through the builder through the steps of creating the wonders. Each build comes with a parts list, helping you get organized before you build. Taking things a step further, each build features stunningly clear instructions, accompanied by flawless illustrations in the step-by-step instructions. In many chapters, there are extra vehicles to use as inspiration for personalizing your own builds.

Unfortunately, there was not a single build (or variation) for which I had all of the pieces. Despite my diverse collection of LEGO elements, there are so many innovative uses, that some very obscure pieces are utilized. The book provides some advice for collecting the pieces needed, but the pieces I lack are not to be found sold individually. On the other hand, this forces one to embrace their unique ingenuity and create pieces inspired by the book.

Rorys Truck
Photo: Rory Bristol

Drawing on the images from The Construction Site, I built a tiny semi-trailer. It was fun to build, focusing on making everything a slight shift for the smaller. Thanks to the many examples filling the pages of the book, I had plenty of inspiration. It only took a couple of minutes, but I came out with a little build that finds itself happily featured in my collection.

The book is labeled as being for ages 9+, but thanks to the language-free instructions, any age capable of safe use with LEGO elements will find something to build. As with any other LEGO instructions, the book is ageless and re-usable. I have already visited it several times, and I’m sure it will find itself with my go-to books for inspiration.

For any LEGO fans, car fans, or mini-model enthusiasts, Tiny LEGO Wonders is a great investment, and a welcome gift. Just released, it will provide inspiration and entertainment for years to come. The MSRP is 24.95 for the hardcover, but Amazon Prime members will find it available for $17.11, where it has hit status as a New Release.

Disclaimer: The author received a copy of Tiny LEGO Wonders for review purposes.

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