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My DC Comics Essentials

When DC Comics rebooted its universe a few years ago with an entirely new continuity called “The New 52,” I took to calling it the anti-Corrina reboot because every decision made tended to be the exact opposite of what I wanted to read.

But now that DC has basically rebooted again, their universe looks different.

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GeekDad Interviews ‘Grayson’ Writers Tim Seeley and Tom King

‘Grayson: Agents of Spyral’ contains the first four issues of the series, plus the ‘Futures End’ tie-in and a story from ‘Secret Origins’ issue eight. I was really surprised by the story after having read it. The writers were true to the character, making him boyish and happy-go-lucky. He was still high-flying and quick with a quip. He still kicked major butt. He was the same Dick Grayson who has been a fan-favorite for these past 75 years.

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